Monday, December 19, 2011

Prayer Journal: Using a Weekly Plan

Prayer Journal: Using a Weekly Planner to Pray

PROBLEM: We all know that we need to pray. The real issue is that we do not know how to pray. We know that we need to pray, and almost without exception we believe that we should pray more than we do. Unfortunately, we have an idea that equates praying with reciting some sort of 'shopping list' of our needs, concerns and desires to God. After we have completed the reading of our list, we believe our prayers are complete. However, such an approach leaves us unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

PLAN: For this exercise you can still use your 'prayer notebook.' The following plan will take you through one week of prayer. Use these suggestions as a focus for your prayers on each day of the week. Write a one-page prayer for each day, using the suggested topic.

Sunday- Write a prayer of worship. Use expressions that tell of your love for God and your commitment to him. Especially tell him, and remind yourself, how great he is in your life.
Monday- Today pray for your family. Use your page to talk to God about each member of your family. You can use a few lines of your paper for each family member, or take your whole page (and your entire prayer time) praying for one particular concern.
Tuesday- Write a prayer of repentance. It is a certainty that we all have sin in our lives. Use your time today to confess your sins. Claim verses that offer Christ's grace and forgiveness.
Wednesday- Pray for your church. Pray for the ministries of the church. Lift up the concerns that you share with other members of your congregation. Pray for your pastor, your Sunday school class, small group or ladies' circle. Pray for the children's ministry, youth ministry or outreach programs.
Thursday- Today write a prayer expressing our desire to be closer to God. We all need renewal in our faith lives. Today is a good day to put it in writing. Commit yourself to a deeper level of obedience, faith and love of God and others.
Friday- Using your own words, write a Psalm. You can use a favorite Psalm from the Bible as a pattern, or be creative and write your own original composition.
Saturday- Spend your prayer time today making a list of things you are thankful for. Thank God for all that he has done.

POINTERS: Don't be afraid of variety in your prayer life. Different emphases, plans and programs can all be an indication of a vibrant, praying Christian.

PRAYER: Lord God, You have called me to follow you and to live a life of faithful obedience. Help my prayer life be glorifying to you, helpful for the building up of your Kingdom and edifying for my spiritual growth.

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