Thursday, December 22, 2011

Using a Prayer Album

PROBLEM- There are all sorts of learning styles. Some people learn best by reading information. Others excel when they are in a lecture setting, listening to and taking notes on important things. And there are those- perhaps you are one of them- who learn through visual images. Pictures speak to you. They help you to learn, understand and retain things. This approach to prayer is for you.

PLAN- Make a photo album to help support your ministry of prayer. Begin by getting a photo album. Any photo album will do. It does not need to be fancy or elaborate, but functional is a requirement. Additionally, you might want to be sure that you can expand it later. As your prayer ministry grows you will need to add photos or pages for new additions to your prayer concern list. Individuals who do scrap-booking as a hobby can use their creativity to make the 'prayer album' an excellent focal point for prayer. You will be reminded of who and what to pray for as you see the photos that you will collect.

Create (at least) two sections in your prayer album. The first section will be devoted to people we will pray for, the second will be for specific prayer needs. There may be other sections that you will add to customize your album. In your people section, include a page, with photos, of:

1. Family members. Get a photo of your spouse, children, parents, siblings and others. Immediate family members might get their own page, others could be grouped together according to their relationships.
2. Missionaries. Photos of missionaries are pretty easy to come by. Especially include missionaries that you have a personal relationship with.
3. Your pastor and his/her family. Very few people will benefit more from your prayers than your pastor. Include a page in your album for your pastor and any other church staff.
4. Government leaders. Often in the church we find ourselves criticizing those who lead our nation. Whether we agree with them or not, we should be praying for them.
5. Those who need to be saved. Include your unsaved, non-churched and seeking friends.

For your album's next section, you will want to include pages that are filled with photos and articles that lead to information and motivation for prayer. Use news clippings, photos and missionary letters to inform and guide your prayers. This can be changing regularly.

POINTERS- The Prayer Album doesn't need to be used every day. In fact, it may be most effective as an occasional supplement to your regular prayer times. And don't feel like your album is ever a finished product. It should be regularly changing, growing and becoming more specific. You will want to pray for new leaders in the church and add information to help you prayer for things. Prayer enhances your relationship with God, and your prayer album should enhance your prayers.

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