Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Writing Prayer Letters

PROBLEM: It is often true that we pray anonymously. That is, we intercede for those who will never know that we are praying for them. Prayers of this sort are completely valid and effective. However, the faith of the one for whom we pray will be encouraged and bolstered if we make them aware of our prayers on their behalf. It is possible that our prayers will be answered more quickly and more often as we increase the faith of others.

PLAN: You can use your 'prayer notebook' or any other stationery or paper to do this project. Writing letters to others can be a very important and vibrant part of our prayer lives. Here are some suggestions for writing prayer letters.

1. Write letters to God. We discussed this previously, but it bears repeating, a very good and easy way to deepen your relationship with God. In your prayer notebook write a note to God expressing your deepest longings and desires to the Lord. Your letters to God become prayers.
2. Write letters to people for whom you are praying. Offer encouragement and support to those who are on your prayer concern list. Let them know that they are not forgotten and that you are doing your best to share their burdens. You can remind others that you when people agree in prayer, God answers.
3. Write letters to people that are prayers. There is something powerful that happens when you not only tell someone that you are praying for them, but include them in your prayer time. There are many people who are emailing prayer requests these days. Replying to those requests with a prayer shows them that you are taking their concern seriously and you will not postpone, or even forget, praying.
4. Write letters that encourage others to pray. Recruit others to join you in your prayer adventure. Invite those who are in your Sunday school class, small group or congregation to pray with you. You can include a brief teaching on prayer along with an admonition to pray. Give some practical steps that a person can take to participate with you in prayer.

POINTERS: You don't have to write all of these letters on the same day, or even at the same time. Commit yourself to write one letter each day, or each week. Don't try to do everything all at once. Biting off too much will potentially cause you to grow discouraged and disillusioned. Guard against that at all costs.

Don't think that you can only write your letters in long-hand and put them in the mail. You might need to use a word processor and print them for others. Maybe you should consider writing your prayer letters via email.

PRAYER: Dear God, you have put people in my life who have encouraged me. Let me encourage others. Help me to write your word and your will to benefit your children. Make me a blessing to those around me, to you and to your kingdom. Do your will in my life, and help me to accomplish your will in the lives of others. Inspire me to pray for those in need and to help others to learn to pray. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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